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There is nothing better than respecting your investment as the investor. Our goal is to find the best deal for you with the right amount of value and return. We strive to take the pain away from finding the right investment property. Work with one of the largest Arizona Property Acquisition firms in the area.

Finding the Right House for the Right Investor.

You have different investor goals than the average investor. We understand that. The Parkstar Group is motivated to help you find the right investment property for your needs.

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True Value & Accuracy

Understanding a properties true market value is crucial to making the right purchase. We expend great time and energy performing analysis on each individual asset before deciding or recommending a purchase. We always seek for the true value of a property making adjustments for location, condition, layout, neighborhood characteristics, schools etc. Ultimately we seek to discover with great accuracy what the market value of the property really is along with the optimal income it will produce.

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It’s All In The Details. Our Analysis will display just that.

The Parkstar Group is one of the most disciplined Acquisitions Group in the Phoenix area. Our disciplined approach with data driven analysis will provide our investors with the education to make the right decisions.

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The Parkstar LLC Realty Group brings an Extensive Background in Property Acquisition

With the Parkstar Real Estate Group, our experienced team members provide intuitive decision making backed by verified analytics and data.

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We Work With An Unmatched Efficiency

– We Acquire the Right Properties. Not the Wrong Ones.
– We work with Qualified Contractors
– We Love What We Do
– We Meet Investment Goals

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Parkstar LLC Real Estate Group

Parkstar Group has provided expert acquisition services to some of the most successful real estate investment companies in the world. We are focused on finding quality income-producing assets at discounts relative to replacement costs.

We improve properties through vast experience in construction and property maintenance. Our experience selling properties helps us to identify the specific improvements for each real estate product type with the highest return on investment. We seek out improvements that also help increase the quality of the asset for the community. Our detailed valuation analysis also helps us to identify the most effective property improvements which are then combined with a detailed cost estimate to assure the targeted improvements are most efficient.

Our goal is to also help homeowners find a solution to selling their home with the least amount of problems and at a fair price to meet their circumstances and timeline. We are committed to providing the highest quality service in a timely manner and feel that our efforts genuinely help homeowners to better their situation.

A Full Service Property Acquisition Team Dedicated to Helping Investors, Home Buyers, and Investor Groups Make the Best Investment Decisions In Today’s Market.