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Jared Parker

Jared Parker received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and A Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development from USC.  Jared has over 15 years’ experience in Real Estate and completed several major construction and development projects including Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Power Generation, and Mobile Home Parks.  He has extensive acquisition experience including the underwriting and purchase of over 1,000 single family homes for individuals and investors.  Jared enjoys spending time with his family and all sorts of extreme sports and hiking.

Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker is a licensed realtor with advanced experience in the negotiation and acquisitions of single family residential properties.  Sarah received a Bachelor’s degree in Physics Teaching and History teaching.  Sarah has negotiated and closed over a 1,000 homes for her clients.  Sarah loves spending time with her family and the great outdoors.

Chris Ray

Chris Ray has extensive underwriting experience directing the acquisition of thousands of properties.  His background includes many years as an appraiser and analyst in the selection of single family investment properties.  Chris has advanced experience in the underwriting of single family homes for a major US Hedge fund.  Chris enjoys spending time with his family and all kinds of motor sports.

Kristin Ray

Kristin is a licensed realtor in the State of Arizona with extensive experience working at a large US Hedge fund.  Kristin has great attention to detail and sincere devotion to the best interest of her clients making sure to solve problems in a timely manner.  Kristin enjoys spending time with her family and all sorts of outdoor sports.

Mike Jones

Mike is a data master who lives, drinks and breathes data.  Mike is an experienced analyst in property acquisitions.  Mike enjoys spending time with family, movies and travel.

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