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Parkstar Realty Group has years of experience bringing our clients the most number of units a year, and the largest ROI per property. Our proven track record of purchasing over 1,000 homes in the past 3 years and providing exclusive services for multiple large investors shows the confidence our investors place in us. We have the most disciplined and refined process of searching for the right deals. By having the right team to find deals, we can avoid miscalculated evaluations that lead to losses.

With this winning combination you will find that you will no longer have buyers remorse. With our experience and in-house crews we can properly estimate rehab costs and save money without losing quality. In addition we prevent overspending on your rehab budgets. With our In-house team we are able to streamline the project from A to Z.

Our Acquisitions team will spend countless hours searching and finding the right deals. Our Realty team will facilitate the purchase and paperwork to make your life easy. Next our Rehab crews can be trusted to begin work and complete the job on schedule and budget. Finally our Marketing team will market the home with the most advanced marketing techniques to sell the property quickly or assist in leasing the property.

This will prevent the dreaded “too many days on market” syndrome. Ultimately these processes have been refined to prevent our clients from losing money on our deals, and it all starts with finding and buying the right deal.

Finding Investors Good Deals

We protect our client’s investments by helping them avoid investing time or money on a property that they will lose money on. With our vast experience and expertise we take the time to find a property that makes sense.

We analyze all the data thoroughly. We look at all the variables of the property and the market including but not limited to location, neighborhood characteristics, layouts, etc to gain full understanding of which property is the best investment given investor needs.

We assess as many risk variables as possible and then investigate further until we find an acceptable level of certainty that we have properly priced the risk. By having boots on the ground we can learn about location specific or construction specific risk factors and plan for adjustments.

Accurately Estimate Rental Prices

We help investors know if a buy and hold investment the right deal by accurately estimating what our investors will get in rent. We help investors avoid buying the wrong property because of our analysis of the variables that will decrease rents on a particular property. We help investors get the most out of their rental property by providing a range of possible rents up to what the market can bear but then also suggesting a specific market value for optimal lease up timeframe. We review lease up timeframes to gain understanding of how to improve our rental models.

We’ve analyzed over 50,000 properties and we are very accurate with our estimates. We look not just at the property, but the characteristics of the home, neighborhood, and all other variables. In addition to careful analysis on each home, we also have a proprietary rent calculator we have developed in house which allows us to evaluate thousands of rental rates within minutes. This tool has proven very useful at quickly identifying the best yield on properties for acquisition when time is very limited. The rent model acts as a sieve to screen thousands of properties and identify the best properties first.

Short Sales Specialists

We have a very successful track record completing short sales. Many people have experienced the long drawn out process of trying to complete a short sale only to discover at the last minute that it was unsuccessful. Not knowing what is going on or what the next steps are can be a stressful situation. Our team can help eliminate the pains of doing short sales by taking on all the headaches and making the process easy for buyers and sellers.

Accurately Estimate Construction Costs

Using our construction crews gives us an edge to properly determine scope and cost estimates for each property. The value of a deal can be changed drastically if the construction costs are not bid accurately. Once all the inspections and estimates have been completed we can then make a final determination of there is enough value in the deal to move forward to purchase the property.

A Full Service In House Team

  • Acquisitions TeamOur Acquisitions team is the single most important reason for the success of Parkstar. We use the most balanced approach to the art & science of finding and purchasing “Good Deals”. We have a proven track record of acquiring deals during downturns and in inventory starved markets like today.
  • Realty TeamOur Top Rated Realty Team has the experience to expedite any kind of investment purchase. They handle it all to save you time and your sanity.
  • Rehab CrewOur Rehab crews consist of licensed contractors that have been working with us for years and understand the investment properties wholesale cost to materials and labor. Want high quality at a low cost? Want to remove the headache of dealing with contractors on your own? Do you want jobs to be completed in a timely manner? Then utilizing our team is the right decision.
  • Listings – Marketing TeamOur listing team consists of realtors with years of experience optimizing the sale of properties. Each property receives a detailed analysis to determine the best price for sale or rent possible given the property specific characterizes affecting value. Our detailed inspection of each property helps us identify specific improvements to optimize the sale price and keep days on market to a minimum. We use not only the standard MLS and other listing sources but also advertise our properties to a large network of individuals and social network sites to seek the largest audience possible.

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A Full Service Property Acquisition Team Dedicated to Helping Investors, Home Buyers, and Investor Groups Make the Best Investment Decisions In Today’s Market.